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In today’s ever evolving and complex world, children’s futures are determined by their ability to grasp school curriculums. At Learning Delight, we have engaged in an endeavour to simplify this process through use of technology which will revolutionize the way children are taught in schools – by digitizing all content and making it a lot more interesting. So be it Math, Science, Social Studies or Languages, learning at school now can be a delightful experience by incorporation of animation, riddles, puzzles, and stories – all certified by the state’s education boards. So far, Learning Delight has impacted the education systems of over 10,000 schools in rural and semi-urban areas of Gujarat.


Creating learning tools for ‘experience based education’ in schools, within existing framework by linking of public or private resources to communities...


More than 60 percent of India’s growing population lives in villages. By year 2021, India will earn the mantle of having youngest work force...


When we work we play, when we play we work! It is great experience to see that our efforts are reaching so many children and that what we have worked for enriching the learning experience in remotest village...

What we do?



LEARNING DELIGHT is a project with the aim to revolutionize the education quality of education by digitalizing the schools in rural and Semi-urban area. It builds on the Government’s efforts of supporting and promoting the use of technology in Indian schools. The children of today do not just need grades and high scores, what they require is applicable and feasible education and LEARNING DELIGHT strives to fulfil this gap. Learning Delight wants to make learning a delightful experience by incorporating animation, riddles, puzzles and stories are aligned to support teacher and class interaction - based on state board curriculum making prescribed textbooks fun and easy. By threading the interest and keen presence of curious minds of children with innovative mentoring LD creates a wholesome experience of true learning. We are currently present in around 10,000 Primary Government schools of Gujarat with Digital Classroom content for Std. 1st to Std. 8th. Also the content for std. 1 to 8 is approved by theCouncil for Education Research and Training (G.C.E.R.T.).



Learning Delight is giving free access to its content for students of standards 1-8. We have developed material as per Gujarat State Board Curriculum (GCERT) and Rajasthan State board Curriculum (RSBE) in the form of animations and audio-visuals in Gujarati and Hindi language respectively. Currently, we have been able to reach 20,000 students in Gujarat and looking forward to reach 1 lakh students in Gujarat. Thus benefitting maximum students. India is trying to get back on its feet, it is of utmost importance that Learning for next generation shouldn’t get affected We intend to PROVIDE virtual classrooms for students on our platform combined with self-study curriculum.

A virtual classroom is an online learning environment that allows for live interaction between the tutor and the learners as they are participating in learning activities.



Learning Delight offers creative, technical and production capabilities to design and produce computer animations for education and interactive story boarding with a strong focus on digital 2D/3D animation content. We strives to create memorable characters and edutainment that appeal to audiences of all ages.

  • Creative animates, shot layout/story boarding, character design.
  • Shading, character animation, particle effects.
  • Sound recording, background music.
  • Multiple languages.

Learning delight focusses on the following parts of the company –

  • Employee / Visitor Orientation Training Programme
  • Equipment Description of Design & Engineering Process
  • Standard Operating Procedures



During these challenging times when the world is facing COVID-19 and India is trying to get back on its feet, it is of extreme importance to take good measures to protect ourselves, our employees and all other stakeholders. We intend to help achieve this goal with training employees through an audio visual medium.

Learning Delight offers creative, technical and production capabilities to design and produce computer animations for education and interactive story boarding with a strong focus on digital 2D/3D animation content.




  • Mamuara Prathmik Shala

    ~Shri Ashok Jatiya, Principal

    As the DigiClassroom software content is presented in audio visual format with lot of images, videos and animations the learning and understanding becomes interesting and easy for students.

  • Mandvi Taluka Group Shala No. 1

    ~Ishwarbhai Ganetre

    DigiClassroom software by Learning Delight makes teaching and learning easy. Questionnaire section helps us to evaluate students after teaching every chapter.

  • Bhujodi Prathmik Shala

    ~Shri Piyush Tank, Principal

    Learning Delight contains sections like Moral Values/Health & Hygiene over and above the interestingly presented Textbook section. We give exposure to Moral Values / Health & Hygiene on every Saturday and we are able to get all round development of our students.

  • Bidada Group Shala

    ~Thakarshi Dhoriya

    DigiClassroom Software is very interesting tool to teach. It is a great helping tool for the teachers to educate students.

Our Team

The essence of Learning Delight hails from the vision created by its dynamic and young core team –Harshal Gohil, Vandan Kamdar, Parinita Gohil and Kushal Gohil. The team is committed towards creating a literate India by making education in schools simple and fun.
Giving shape to their dream is a professional and motivated team comprising of educationists, 2D and 3D animators, software developers, field operators, research consultants and trainers.


Hailing from a business family, Vandan always had a keen business sense, and he further refined this acumen, ...


Having grown up in the small city of Bhuj in the Kutch district, during the early years of his life, ...


With a strong education in Biotechnology and a Masters in Business Laws, Parinita, saw Learning Delight as a natural next step for her career...


Kushal Gohil is Partner at Learning Delight, a revolutionary start-up that provides digital learning tools to aid teachers and engage...


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We believe a few great people can make a big difference. If you're one of 'em, check out the opportunities we have available across the team, and apply below. Join us on our mission to provide a free, world-class education for anyone.

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